About AAA Plus


Founded by Madam Do Thi Kim Lien Chairwomen of AAA Plus.



  • AAAA Plus specializes Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)
  • Advisory in corporate restructuring
  • Develop strategic direction, branding for businesses
  • Identify the profitable business purpose and sustainable development
  • Helping businesses confidently integrate accordance with International Standards
  • Asset management and brokerage business, and international investment in Vietnam
  • Strengthen confidence in the business community
  • Connect the foreign investors in Vietnam


  • Assert in the fields of M & A, Consulting, Financial Restructuring, Asset Management, Business Brokerage and Investment in Vietnam and abroad.


  • Staff has many years of experience in the market
  • Possess separate and distinct paths
  • Transparent view in the relationship of “mutually beneficial”
  • Focus on human resource development of young, dynamic, creative, highly professional
  • Utilize resources reasonably and efficiently
  • To be responsible for themselves, their colleagues, customers, partners and shareholders…

For more information about AAA Plus , please contact :
contact@aaa-plus.vn or call 0989 378 333 / 0906 090 912